Who we are
First and foremost, we are big league foodies! We have travelled all over the world, experienced some of the best and most exotic dishes and even owned few notable restaurants. And we make it no secret that we are big fans of The Food Network; you name the show we have seen it at least a dozen times. We are also experienced entrepreneurs, patent-awarded wireless/mobile technologists and media/entertainment veterans who have joined forces to build the next HEALTHY FOOD NETWORK. Our focus is the globally exploding mobile market as we are fond of saying that ”the next media giants will come of out of the mobile space.” Pretty simple.

What we do
We are changing the game of gourmet food preparation by elevating the Art of Cooking to the Art of Healthy Cooking. No more packaged foods with ingredients list that takes a chemist to decipher. Our vision is deeply rooted in our own childhood experiences full of memories of eating fresh food filled with fresh ingredients that was freshly prepared daily. Pretty simple.

How we do it
At Celebrity Webchefs™ – a Celebrity Food Network, LLC brand – we create short-form videos (~5 min) we call cooking infotainment - an emerging genre that combines entertainment with valuable information that detail the Art of Healthy Cooking. The videos are professionally produced, network quality content featuring well-known, cause-inspired Hollywood celebrities preparing tasty treats with the help from top culinary artists. They are also entertaining, engaging  and full of useful information that help create memorable home dining experiences. We focus on quality, healthy ingredients and simple preparation. Our execution is reflective of our motto: Healthy Cooking with the Stars.™ Pretty simple.

Why we do it
Because food is fundamental to our existence. Indeed, there are multiple options but our mission is deeply rooted in our belief that learning how to cook healthy meals is the best form of self-preservation. To paraphrase Hippocrates, the world’s most famous physician of all times, we believe that ‘food is our medicine’ and we hope you like our prescriptions. Pretty simple.

Why should you care
Because we are deeply passionate about health and nutrition and feel we have all gotten off-kilter during the past few decades in terms of healthy eating habits. Research shows that obesity rates have skyrocketed since the introduction of packaged foods and the only way to reverse that trend is to get back in the kitchen and cook with healthy and fresh ingredients. We are in kitchen with our sleeves rolled up and hope you join us. Pretty simple.

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